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Senior Leadership   
Jeffrey A - SPL   
Eric W - ASPL 1   
Alec B - ASPL 2   
Snake Patrol   
Steven M
Michael T
Aidan K - Scribe 1   
Matt A - Scribe 2   
Charlie T
Dev P
Max K - QM 1
Sean S
Jarred T
Panther Patrol   

Hunter B - PL   
Frank D
Ram Patrol  
Evan B - PL   
Peter H - APL/QM 2
Collin K
Tyler B
Peter D

Shark Patrol   
Paxton H - PL/Chaplain 1
Danny F - APL
Ryan K
Andrew P - Librarian   
Connor C
Jayden C
Aidan B - Chaplain 2



» Eagle's Nest
James R  Phil T
Patrick B Jack G
James G Thomas G 
Harry S Nick P
Alex D Steve Q   
Anthony N Robert S
Mitch C Andrew C
George M Matt G
John E  Robert S
Chris V Stephen P
Corey D Sean F
Scott P  Erick T
John M            Daniel C
Matt L Matt F
Andrew S Joe R
Thomas E Alex L
Patrick C Shane M
Frank F David M
Blaine J Jon L
Matt G Sean D
Steven E Ian M
Alex E Mike B
Cory S Nick C
Austin D Gabriel R
Mark D David F
Andrew R Tim V
Zach L Danny M
Treven S Dev P
Steven M Micheal T

We are a traveling troop. Weekend trips have ranged from New York City to Boston to Canada to Charleston, SC to Washington DC and everywhere in between. Collecting patches at every place we visit, this blanket represents the first ten years of our history. We are working on our second patch blanket and it will be posted shortly.